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Now Accepting yRunner Applications

We are now actively accepting yRunner applications. If you have a cause or a person you would like to run for, please submit an application to become a yRunner.

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Media Inquiries

If you would like to learn more about yRun and feature the yRun mission at your media organization, please email us at the following address:

About yRun and FAQ

What is yRun and it's mission?

yRun is an upstart non-profit organization located in the Twin Cities area. The yRun mission is simple; to help support the people who run for those who can't. Whether you want to run a local 5K in honor of a loved one fighting against cancer, or you want to run a marathon in memory of someone suffering from illness, the yRun mission is to help you bring awareness & fundraising assistance for your cause.

How was yRun started?

As you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with Melanoma Stage 3 Cancer over 4 years ago and again last summer. With the outpouring of love and support I received from family and friends, I was inspired to find a way to pass that gift on. The last 4 years have certainly been a challenge, but nonetheless they have been the best years of my life. Through it, I was able to find a way to give back and help others give back, and that is how yRun was born. Why yRun? Because I run for those who can’t. Because I need to find a way to support those who need it. -Duane Birchem Jr., Founder

So how does yRun help others?

At yRun, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we are trying to be a simple solution for people to participate in events / activities in an effort to raise awareness and funding for a cause that has affected their life and is close to them.

A primary advantage of yRun is our diversity of causes and freedom for individuals to choose the cause & event that is most important to them. In addition, we have a dedicated web site to follow each participants story, provide guidance / training, and aid in fundraising & awareness efforts (flyers, cards, donation management, etc.).

How Can I Support yRun?

One of the goals of yRun is to help individuals raise awareness and funds for a cause close to them. Whether you can make a donation of $5 or $1,000, every dollar helps support the cause & individuals who are running. In addition, you can donate directly to yRun to help continue the support of the yRun mission. Your support, participation & donation to the yRun organization are what makes our non-profit organization possible.

yRun is currently seeking yRunner applications and Business Sponsorship / Non-Profit Partnerships. We are open to any ideas & thoughts you have on how you can help yRun as well. In addition, help yRun spread the message to help run for those who can't by getting involved today and Volunteering as well.