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In Honor of Scott Fedor

"I’m not afraid to pray big and wish for total healing.  God gives you what you need to get off your cross"
--Scott Fedor

Katie Bradesca is raising money for the Scott Fedor Discretionary Assistance Fund. 100% of the money raised through yRunner Katie Bradesca will go towards helping Scott have the resources that he needs to get the therapy he deserves.

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To All The Supporters Of Katie Bradesca

My yRun Story

Scott's Mission To Get Back UpI recently met Scott Fedor when I arrived to interview him for an alumni magazine.  What I thought would be a thirty-minute interview turned into two and a half hours.  I don't think it is an exaggeration to say it changed my life.  Scott has faith I cannot fathom despite circumstances I cannot imagine.  After a diving accident, he is paralyzed from the shoulders down.  Things as simple as scratching his face or drinking water have now become monumental. But his faith is astounding.  As he himself said, “I’m not afraid to pray big and wish for total healing.  God gives you what you need to get off your cross.”  Scott is determined to work hard and challenge himself, making each day an improvement from the previous one.

I knew I wanted to do something to help Scott “get back up.”  He is interested in aggressive therapy that is not covered by insurance at a center called Step It Up in Florida.  He certainly has the will.  I am interested in being a part of the way and to help him finance these therapies he so desperately needs that are not covered by insurance.

Some Words About Scott Fedor

Scott Fedor and his wifeScott Fedor is a man of lists.  I am awed at how quickly he got busy with his Bucket List in life, and how big he dreamed.  He is a graduate of St. Ignatius High School, Lehigh University, and has an MBA from the University of Michigan.  He has ridden bulls, parachuted, lived in China and England, and worked as a product designer and vice president at several top line companies.  For instance, he created the line of cutlery at Calphalon.  His passion for travel and fun led him on many adventures.

Then came a change that no one could ever expect. July 3, 2009 and a fateful dive mark the line between “old Scott” and “new Scott”.  Scott spent six months in hospitals fighting for his life and another 14 months in a nursing home fighting for his NEW life.  He recently moved into an apartment under the care of nurses so he can begin his next chapter.

Through it all, his drive and determination and remarkable faith shine on.  The Bucket List is strong as ever.  His list now includes building The Quad, a house where young people with spinal injuries can live together and share services.  He wants to write his story and speak about his experiences.  Number one on his list?  He wants to hug his family.

This man is lively, he’s funny, he’s innately inquisitive, he’s determined.  And he is well on his way to forging this new life for himself.  I consider it an honor to help Scott GET BACK UP.

Why Do I Run?

Katie Bradesca, yRunnerI am very new to the running scene, and have not even made it to my first anniversary as a runner yet.  It all started one stormy night last May when I left my house and just took off down the street, literally racing a storm.  I’m still not quite sure why I did that.  But  I ended up liking it and decided to train for a charity race for a young girl with a brain tumor.  So far I have enjoyed a 5K, a 10K, and a 5 mile race. 

I am amazed at this newfound piece of myself, and am probably the only runner you will ever see smiling on her early morning training runs.

I run to clear my mind, I run to strengthen my heart, I run to prove I can, and I run to face my fears.  And now, I run for those who can’t.

How can you help?

One of the goals of yRun is to help individuals raise awareness and financial support for a cause close to them. On May 15th, 2011 I will be running the Cleveland Rite Aid Half- Marathon. To honor Scott Fedor, I am asking for you to MAKE A DONATION (NOW CLOSED) to help Scott have the resources needed to get closer to his mission of "Getting Back Up".  So whether you can make a donation of $5 or $1,000, every dollar raised will go towards getting Scott the therapy he needs.

If you know me well, you know what a departure this is for me, and quite a challenge.  Scott is worth it!

Regardless if you can or cannot make a financial donation, I still appreciate your support so feel free to leave us some encouraging words below or directly on the yRun Facebook Page.

Thank You,

Katie Bradesca

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Scott Fedor and his family

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