• yRunner Laura Mercer is Running the Las Vegas Rock'N'Roll Marathon to help support Kendra Kennedy and fh Laura Mercer had a “ah-ha” moment in August when a friend told her before a race “to run for those that can’t”. This was a profound statement to her, and as she was out there achieving her goals, she suddenly realized that she could do even more by running for someone else. That someone else is Kendra Kenendy, a brave & wonderful woman fighting cancer.Read Laura's yRun Story
  • yRunners Atwood are running in support of Baby Caden and the Stanley Family James and Meredith started out training for 70.3 Ironman with no real purpose other than doing it. Now, they are running for so much more. They will compete for Caden, raise awareness about congenital heart defects, and hopefully, in turn, lift up this amazing, faithful family. This is our yRun Story. Read the Atwood yRun Story
  • Amanda Stream ran a marathon for her brother and all of those fighting depression & suicide prevention Meet Amanda Stream & her brother Eric. They grew up in a simple, but loving and supportive home. Many of their family members have struggled with clinical depression, including Eric, whose battle has been significant and recently complicated by the loss of one of his childhood best friends, Pat, to suicide. This fall, Read Amanda's yRun Story
  • slide2 Gina & Jack Rittinger are the proud parents of 3 beautiful, young children; Twins Jacob & Meghan (7 years old) and Justin (9 years old). Jacob and Justin are both autistic, and Megan is an insulin dependent diabetic. Watch this inspirational story, featured on Kare11 NBC News©, and see how a team of yRunners changed the Rittinger Family forever.Watch Team Rittinger yRun Kare11 News Story on Minneapolis, MN NBC AffiliateWatch the yRun Rittinger Family Video
  • slide5 Have you ever wanted to raise awareness and financial support for a cause meaningful to you, but didn't know how? This is how you get started. Submit your story & yRun application online today.yRunner Online Application

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Run for something more. Run for those who can't.

What is yRun? (Watch Team Rittinger yRun Kare11 News Story on Minneapolis, MN NBC AffiliateWatch Video) yRun, Inc. is the home of runners from across the country who want to raise awareness and financial support in honor of a cause or individual that they feel passionately about. Why is that unique? We're the only organization that gives you the complete freedom to choose your event & your cause. yRun is about running for those who can’t, and running for something more.

Want to run for something more? Submit your yRun Application

2011 Featured yRun© Stories

Angela Altier is Running the Flying Pig Marathon"People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Even though Craig was only physically here for a short time, he will be apart of all the peoples lives he touched for a lifetime". These are the words of yRun's newest runner, Cliff Buchkoski.

On June 18th, 2011, Cliff Buchkoski will be running Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN to support and honor Craig Dornfeld and his family.

Read Cliff's yRun Story

Running in honor of John and his battle against cancer

In Support of John Olson & yRunner Karla Waddell

"I run for those who can’t! I am inspired to run for my nephew, John David Olson, who was just diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Anaplastic Astrocytoma. I will run to raise an awareness of the symptoms, and support research." These are the words of yRunner Karla Waddell. Karla will be running her first marathon, and will do so under the support of her family & friends as they all support her quest to run for John and his fight against cancer.

Running in honor of Scott Fedor and his mission to Get Back Up

In Support of Scott Fedor

"I'm not afraid to pray big and wish for total healing.  God gives you what you need to get off your cross." - Scott Fedor. Hear how yRunner Katie Bradesca's 30 minute visit turned in a 2 1/2 hour life changing event, and how she plans to ran her first half marathon, Cleveland Rite Aid Half- Marathon, to help Scott with his goal of hugging his family again.

Running for a Cause at yRun

Your Chance To Run For Something More

Have you been looking for a way to combine your passion for running with your desire to give back to those in need? yRun is accepting applications for yRunners in the summer & fall of 2011. yRun's unique & one of a kind approach of allowing our runners to choose their cause, and their event, provide you with the ultimate opportunity to truly make an impact for the cause you care most about.